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At Art Explorers, we offer art enrichment classes and summer camps for children ages 5-13. Private lessons are also available by appointment. Our classes allow children to explore art through multiple media while also teaching them to see, the secret to creating great art! They will gain in-depth knowledge of their subject matter as well as learn art history.  In addition, they will learn to organize and plan their art projects from conception to completion. We strive to stimulate creativity while providing an engaging experience that will fuel your child's journey through the world of art.

Meet our Teachers!

Ms. Theary is a veteran art teacher of 20 years who enjoys sharing her passion for art with children and the community around her.  She values the role of art (any and all forms!) as a fundamental component of a child's education.  

Among her teaching methods is the effective use VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies.) She has taught at various Rincon Valley and Santa Rosa City schools (CA).




Ms. Monique joined Art Explorers since 2014.  As a student of art herself, she travels the world learning about art with a special interest in Japanese styles. She loves working with young children and sharing her excitement and knowlege of art with them.   When she's not teaching, Ms. Monique enjoys delectable food, the outdoors, travel and her dog Milo.   She has been teaching at Steele Lane Elementary and Hidden Valley Elementary.​​

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Ms. Isla was born in Africa to British parents. Her love for the arts was ignited at an early age when she learned to knit and sew during summers visiting her grandmother in the north of Scotland. She went on to earn a degree at university in Three Dimensional Design with a major in Plastics but eventually found herself being drawn back to more natural materials and fiber arts. After she arrived in the United States 20 years ago, Ms. Isla combined her design and artistic experience to launch a home-based business handcrafting modern wool felt goods.  Ms. Isla loves teaching young ones and sharing her passion.​  

During our Summer Art Camps, Ms. Christine joins us to co-teach fun classes and get super messy with the kids doing lots of 3-D art as well as other fine art projects.  Ms. Christine is a veteran art teacher trained in the Monart Style of teaching.  She enjoys traveling, doing art and inspiring kids to be creative.  She is the owner of


"My daughter loved the class and I love the artwork she brought home!  She learned a lot and we look forward to taking other classes from Ms. Theary!"

Catherine R.

“Fun, creative and very nice art work.  We plan to submit some of this art into the Sonoma County Fair!"

Charlene S.

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