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Welcome to Art Explorers!

We offer fun and engaging art classes for children ages 5-13.  Children will be exposed to various art media such as watercolor, pastels, collage, acrylics, paper mache, clay, and so much more!  They will learn to appreciate art from all around the world in a creative, supportive, and nurturing environment.

Nurturing creativity in all children!


What we offer


After-School Art Classes

Various classes are offered such as painting, drawing or making sculptures.  These are offered either at your school location or at a facility near you. 

Summer Camps

Every summer we offer various themed camps for children ages 5-13. Artists have the opportunity to make art both 2-Dimentional and 3-D. Check out our offerings!   

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dolphin mural2.jpeg

Onsite Enrichment Classes

We offer art enrichment classes for elementary schools.  The age appropriate lessons are offered during the school hours.  Contact us if you're interested in bringing art to your school or home school.  

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